I may have fixed my email problems.

I found instructions for upgrading MX records, and followed them as best as I could. They did not precisely fit my situation. I improvised.

Instructions say email should begin within 4-6 hours, but can take up to 48 hours.

So what I should do now is simply wait. Check again tonight or tomorrow morning. If there is still no action, check 1x-2x/day thereafter. If the email has not resumed within 72 hours, then see if I can get professional support.

Or I can just check compulsively every three minutes. That works too.

Westhost support was slightly worse than useless. They not only didn’t fix the problem, they didn’t even understand it, referred me to a different department, and then tried to pass the buck to another company.

I am very unhappy with WestHost web hosting.

I have been trying to change plans for months and am getting zero support. Now my email is broken. cPanel is incomprehensible.

The fact that they have not updated their Twitter since 2020 does not fill me with confidence this problem will be resolved.

This is my primary personal email, mitch@mitchwagner.com. If this problem does not resolve quickly, that could be a big deal.

The metaverse already exists, and it is very old

The metaverse has existed since the invention of language and art.

The metaverse is the universe of information the human race has been building for 200,000 years, beginning with the emergence of modern homo sapiens in Africa. Our ancestors began to make drawings by daubing red ochre on cave walls, and probably had language and other modern behavior too. They began to build the metaverse then, an information architecture that exists outside any individual mind, in illustrations or speech that was memorized and shared between people and from one generation to the next.

Writing accelerated the construction of the metaverse, emerging 5,000 years ago and providing a much improved means of preserving and communicating information. Writing started with financial records, records of transactions, and laws and administrative orders by political leaders. That is the principal form of the metaverse today.

Of course, computers accelerated the development of the metaverse even more. You exist both in the real world and the metaverse. The metaverse you is your financial, employment, and criminal history, the records of your interactions with governments and most businesses. If you’re stopped by the police, or try to take out a mortgage, or you need lifesaving medical care that costs as much as a new car or house, your metaverse version is as important to your life as your physical self.

Wars are primarily fought in the metaverse. “Amateurs talk tactics, professionals study logistics” has been attributed to Gen. Omar Bradley. (More quotes about military logistics here) Logistics is the science of getting bullets, uniforms, vehicles, guns, food, shelter, and all other essential equipment from the real echelons to the front, where soldiers can use them. Logistics require a whole lot of record-keeping. Logistics happen in the metaverse. It’s been said that World War II was won with the typewriter.

Those of us who work and socialize primarily through screens, and did so even before Covid, live much of our lives in the metaverse.

The recent talk about the metaverse, with virtual reality and avatars, is just the latest step in a journey that’s been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. Personally, I’m skeptical that people are going to want to live large parts of their lives with their eyes covered by screens. But it doesn’t matter. The metaverse is already here, and it’s nothing new.

The “Lucky Lotto” method for building resilient teams

Daniel Lebrero: First thing Monday, a random person on the team is designated as the “Lucky Lotto” winner.

“‘You won the Lotto’ sounds better than ‘You were run over by a bus’.”

The Lucky Lotto winner is, theoretically, completely unavailable to colleagues all week; they work on side-projects. Every time the unavailability rule is broken — because the Lucky Lotto winner proves essential to a project — the Lucky Lotto winner makes notes and brings a colleague along to teach that colleague the essential skill.

Cory Doctorow: Biden’s Right to Repair will include electronics, too — Part of a broad antimonopoly agenda.

Joe Biden’s endorsement of right to repair goes beyond farm equipment to include electronics — which is a ”huge fucking deal,” says Cory. And it’s part of a larger antimonopoly agenda.

The potential [antimonopoly] coalition is massive, but it needs a name. It’s not enough to be antimonopoly. It has to stand for something.…

That something can’t be “competition.” Competition on its own is perfectly capable of being terrible. Think of ad-tech companies who say privacy measures are “anticompetitive.” We don’t want competition for the most efficient human rights abuses.


A far better goal is “self-determination” – the right for individuals and communities to make up their own minds about how they work and live, based on democratic principles rather than corporate fiat.

Cory Doctorow: Tech Monopolies and the Insufficient Necessity of Interoperability

That would be a fine position indeed for the Democratic Party to stake out. As Teachout writes, “[Democrats once] stood for workers and the people who produced things, and against the middlemen who sought to steal value and control industry. They understood that anti-monopoly laws were partly about keeping prices down—but also about preserving equality and dignity, and making sure that everyone who contributed to the production of goods and services got a fair cut.”

Twitter considers new features for tweeting only to friends, under different personas and more.

I guess lifting the 280-character limit is never going to happen. Sigh.