Furries bare their claws against censorship

Furries Are Leading the War Against a Book-Banning Mississippi Mayor (Vice):

Last week, a Mississippi mayor tried to strong-arm a local library into banning some books. … A group of furries got on Twitter to do something about it.

The first tweet came on Friday, from Soatok, a furry with an avatar of a sparkling, blue, wolf-like creature: “We interrupt your usual program of shitposts, memes, and cute fursuits to bring you something with real-world impact.”

Soatok, who asked to be identified by his online handle, was referring to the news that Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland, Mississippi, was withholding $110,000 of funding from the Madison Country Library System. Library officials told the Mississippi Free Press that the mayor had demanded they purge their collection of LGBTQ+ books, which he called “homosexual materials,” before his office would release the money.

Virginia teacher reinstated after speaking out against school pronoun policy — Minyvonne Burke at NBC News.

A Virginia judge ordered a Loudoun County school to reinstate a teacher who was suspended after he spoke out against a proposed policy requiring educators to address students by their preferred pronouns.

Leesburg Elementary School teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross was placed on leave after he said he would not address students by their preferred pronouns.

Cross says addressing students by their preferred pronouns is against his religious beliefs. Where does it say anything about transgender people in the Bible?