I have been following this tortilla story out of Coronado and it is bonkers

Players for a Coronado high school basketball team threw tortillas at players for an Escondido high school team. The Coronado players and coach are being criticized for racism.

Now, the man who brought the tortillas says there was “absolutely no racial intent.”

The man, Luke Serna, says tortilla-throwing is a victory tradition at some UC Santa Barbara sporting events, and that he’s a UCSB alum. And Serna says he’s half-Mexican.

From the beginning, this incident has seemed like bullshit to me. It’s unclear if it’s racism, and even if it is, I just can’t get worked up about it. And, yes, I’m Jewish and feel the same way about people spraying swastikas or driving around with Nazi flags. Yes, that behavior is wrong but it’s also petty. I don’t let it ruin my day.