Defending Israel

Yesterday, I posted an anti-Israel message regarding the current war, blaming Israel and essentially agreeing with an article that said Israel seemed to be learning precisely the wrong lessons from the Nazis.

An Israeli friend on Twitter took issue, and sent a few articles laying the blame on Hamas. The articles aren’t anti-Palestinian — Palestinian civilians, particularly youth who make up the front lines of rioters, are Hamas’s first victims, according to the authors of the articles, both Arab Israelis.

Sensing victory, Jerusalem ‘shabab’ turn Sheikh Jarrah into major crisis

This has nothing to do with Sheikh Jarrah

He also sent this very short vlog by a Syrian vlogger, making the case that the Palestinian occupants evicted from Sheikh Jarrah don’t have a legal claim to their houses — even under Arab law. Even under Arab law, the rightful title-holders are Jews.

Here’s a 1,000-year history of Jewish claims to Jerusalem, by blogger Morey Altman, writing in 2009:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Also, this from the New York Times:

After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now?

Times writer Patrick Kingsley blames Hamas, which is making a cynical power grab against the Palestinian Authority, and also blames Netanyahu, making a cynical ploy to head off an internal threat to his own authority.

So I fall back to my default position, which is to support Israel, because I am America Jew, and because I’ve had multiple relationships with Israelis and like them. But I also support Palestinians, who are mostly innocent victims of political forces larger than they are. Mainly, I’d just like for people to stop killing each other and get along.

My opinion about Israel and Palestine is worthless.

Outsiders getting involved in this conflict only make the matter worse.

I’m deleting my tweet and post from yesterday. My first instinct was just to keep my opinions to myself, and I should have stuck with that.