30 found images from around the internet that your life will in no way be diminished if you miss and I suck at clickbait

Anthony Bourdain, New York City, 1986

Budweiser – Holiday ad – 1950-ish

Sistema Pratico, Italian magazine. 1958

Teen-Age Romances #18 (1951), cover by Matt Baker

1964 Plymouth Valiant V-200 Convertible

Teen-Age Romances #33 (1953), cover by Matt Baker

Paul Rudolph’s apartment kitchen, 1973


“We’ve made the Grandest discovery” Morrell E-Z Serve Liver Loaf, New! Delicious! Ready To Serve Hot Or Cold! 1941

Pretty sure this is, in fact, Alex


Sandra Bullock & Adam Sandler (1994)

Skinless franks, Visking Corporation, 1947
– – – –

– – – –

On Reddit: “March 1940 Dad & Grandfather Nebraska”
– – – –

On Reddit: “My mom’s class picture, late 1960s”
– – – –

Don’t Sell Yourself Short! Get Elevator Shoes! (Popular Mechanics for Dec 1956)
– – – –

Fantastic miniature home office hidden behind a fake power socket.

Anyone? Anyone?



TV Guide December 22-28, 1956.

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